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Village Board Meeting - October 13, 2021

  • 12 October 2021
  • Author: Linda Babcock
  • Number of views: 64

Event date: 10/13/2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Export event


October 13, 2021 – 6:00 PM

PUBLIC HEARING – to hear comments regarding allowing marijuana dispensaries in the Village of Albion


Plan for planting trees on Main Street

Bullard Park Cameras/Security System – tabled from August 11, 2021

Moratorium on Solar Energy – Public Hearing November 10, 2021

Putting sponsored logo on scoreboard at Bullard Park – tabled from September 22, 2021


Accept Treasurers report for September 2021 (motion)

Approve minutes of September 22, 2021

Approve payment of Village Bills and monthly Journal Entries (motion)

Approve payment of $213.50 to Hodgson Russ Attorneys for services rendered August 2021 (motion)

Approve payment of $166,202.50 – Pay Application #1 to Villager Construction for services rendered through September 22, 2021 for the Air Header Project (motion)

Approve payment of $18,108.00 – Pay Application 1 to Crosby-Brownlie Inc for services rendered through September 30, 2021 for the Bio Mass Project (motion)

Approve payment of $2,865.60 to MRB Group for services rendered August 29, 2021 to September 25, 2021 for the Air Header Project (motion)

Approve payment of $5,6009.70 to Bernard P Donegan Inc for services rendered regarding the $422,000 Bond (motion)

Approve payment of $5,994 to EYW Companies LLC for the installation and programing of the new decant PLC at the Water Treatment Plant and to be paid out of reserves (motion)

Approve payment of $464 to Tom Fox Enterprise Inc - plastic for the walkway at Bullard Park (motion)

Approve payment of $1,343 to Orleans Ready Mix for the purchase of fine stone for Bullard Park (motion)

Approve payment of $851.50 to Barre Stone Products – stone for Bullard Park (motion)

Approve payment of $4,000 to SEE HR & RECRUITING partial payment for the Employee Handbooks (motion)

Approve the Mayor to sign the following Cemetery Deeds: (motion)

                        Gloria J Dillon                                                S.G. 1810 East Greenbank Avenue

                        Donald N and Linda P Engle Sr         S.G. 916 and 917 Mapleview Avenue

                        Ronald L Heale                                   S.G. 837 Deerfield Avenue      

Accept the following application to be placed on file for future reference:

                        James E Dunn                         MEO

                        Peggy S Brusie, Harry C Folwell and Brianna Pahura                        Cleaner

Review/approve the renewal maintenance agreement with Cummins Inc for three years (motion)

Approve the request from Superintendent of Public Works Jay Pahura to post for the up-coming vacant MEO position (motion)

Review/approve Provisional Police Chief Dave Mogle’s recommendation to appoint Brandon Annable as Provisional Lieutenant effective ______ (motion)

Approve the Mayor to sign the Energy Savings Plan for 301 Washington Street and 106 Platt Street (motion)

Review/approve the Clerk to sign the agreement with LCS Inc to do the additional testing at the Main Street parking lot (motion)

Correspondence from Debra McGrath asking the $25 fee for a bounce check be forgiven (motion)

Discuss the Bene-Care training that can be done online

Correspondence received from Nicholas Pahura stating he is resigning as the part-time cleaner effective October 7, 2021

Correspondence received from Brandon Smith stating he is resigning as a Motor Equipment Operator at the Department of Public Works effective October 8, 2021

Correspondence received from Albion Central School stating they will be lead agency on their capital improvement project

Correspondence from Department of Public Service asking to put survey on Village website


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