Monday, December 9, 2019

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Village Board Meeting

Village Board Meeting

Event date: 5/8/2019 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Export event

May 8, 2019

6:00 PM


Adam Johnson regarding Super Cruise August 24, 2019


Correspondence from USDA regarding the European Cherry Fruit Fly (the Attorney received more information that he wanted time to review)

Accept Treasurers report for April 2019 (motion)

Approve minutes of April 22, 2019 and April 24, 2019 (motion)

Approve payment of Village Bills and monthly Journal Entries (motion)

Approve payment of $418.95 and $1,150.40 to LaBella Associates for services rendered February 23, 2019 to April 26, 2019 (motion)

Approve payment of $1,590.66 to Bernard P Donegan for the following services rendered February 7, 2019 to March 28, 2019 (motion)
Water Main $ 365.00
Energy $ 36.50
Disinfection $1,043.16
CDU/FMS $ 146.00

Accept the following application to be placed on file for future reference:
Daniel Green Cemetery Seasonal
Marc McCabe Cemetery
Spencer Burton Summer Help
Raymond Britt Cemetery Seasonal

Approve Superintendent of Public Works Jay Pahura’s request to increase A0.2650 (sale of scrap) and A0.230 (equipment reserves) by $3,334 for surplus equipment sold (motion)

Request from Kim Remley to have the Village pay no more than $75 for the Community Clean-Up Day scheduled for June 1, 2019 (motion)

Approve the employees request to donate sick time to another employee who has ran out of time (motion)

Approve the application from an employee for Family and Medical Leave (motion)
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