Friday, August 7, 2020

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Village Board Meeting

Village Board Meeting

Event date: 2/12/2020 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Export event


February 12, 2020
6:30 PM


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Accept Treasurers report for January 2020 (motion) 

Approve minutes of January 22, 2020 (motion)

Approve payment of Village Bills and monthly Journal Entries (motion)

Approve payment of $280.50 to Osborn, Reed & Burke LLP for services rendered in January 2020 regarding employee matters (motion)

Approve payment of $10,530.75 to CIR Electrical Construction Corporation for services rendered for the Disinfection Project through December 31, 2019 (motion)

Approve payment of $3,501.56 to Wendel for service rendered through December 31, 2019 for the UV Disinfection System (motion)

Approve payment of the following Bullard Park invoices: (motion)

                        Cedar Forest Products            $37,476.70

Lock City Supply Inc             $  4,082.90 

Approve to increase A0.3120. 204 (Police Car Equipment) and A0.3389 (Other Public Safety) by $6854 for a grant the APD received (motion)

Approve payment of $10,203 to O’Connell Electric Company to provide preventative maintenance on the water tank at 3060 Oak Orchard Road (motion)

Review/approve the Mayor to sign the agreements with Bernard P Donegan regarding the Water System Improvement Capital Project and other financial matters (motion)   

Approve the Mayor to sign the following Cemetery Deeds: (motion)

Accept the following application to be placed on file for future reference:

                        Samuel Veilleux – Seasonal Cemetery

                        Daniel E Geiger and Steve M Wolter – MEO

Discuss/Approve hiring for the open MEO position at the DPW (motion)

Discuss purchasing 200 tons of non-treated salt per Jay Pahura’s request (motion)

Accept the following as a new member of the Albion Fire Department (motion)

                                    Spencer L Burton and Taylor J Holland


Review request from landlord Scott Schmidt regarding water/sewer bill

Review correspondence from Valerie Carscallen requesting a payment plan for her current water/sewer bill

Review correspondence from David Draper requesting a payment plan for his current water/sewer bill

Discuss request from Albion teacher Tim Archer regarding the mural on the canal side of the Firehall

Review Architectural Preservation and Standards submitted by the Planning Board

Adopt resolution 2020-4 regarding the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule MU-and appointing Linda Babcock as the Record Management Officer (motion)

Discuss the paper street on Densmore Street

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