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June 18, 2015 - Historic Preservation Commission

  • 23 September 2015
  • Author: Mary O'Sullivan
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June 18, 2015

Meeting Minutes



Sandy Church, Chris Haines,  Kim Pritt,  Mary Ann Braunbach, and Richard Nenni

Absent: Linda Smith, Aric Albright



Shirlon Harris, John Sample, Lora Lane

CEO Vendetti was present, but had to leave prior to starting the meeting



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Sandy.  The Pledge of and introductions followed






A motion was made by Kim, seconded by Mary Ann to approve the minutes of the

May 21 2015 meeting as written

Motion passed unanimously




CoA – 125 East Bank Street:

Lora Lane submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness application for property she owns at 125 East Bank Street.  CEO Vendetti had issued a stop work order at the property when he discovered the owners were placing cinder blocks in a window opening without HPC review/approval.  This building is currently being used for storage.   Mrs. Lane explained that they were only trying to preserve the building and asked for permission to finish what they had started on the east side of the building.   They would like to paint the front to match – no other changes in the front.   The window was previously boarded up.  The commission expressed their concern about starting a pattern if the cinder block was allowed. They asked Mrs. Lane if she had looked into acquiring stone for the opening from the demo project (Dunn’s property) on West Bank/Liberty Street or  the pallet company on West Academy Street.   The HPC also informed Mrs. Lane that a Main Street Grant might be available but that the July 1st  deadline was quickly approaching.  Mary Ann offered to help her with the application if she wanted to pursue it.  The HPC requested that Mrs. Lane speak with CEO Vendetti about possible options to make the repair. 

The CoA application was tabled until July 16, 2015.




 CoA – 126 North Main Street (Paint, Mortar, Brick Replacement)

Shirlon Harris had previously submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness application for paint and brickwork at 126 North Main Street   The  brick work is similar to the work at 128/130 North Main Street – where the HPC had some concerns.  This application was tabled on November 20, 2014 , February 19, 2015 and May 21, 2015.   Ms. Harris brought in an old brick from her building, as well as the measurements of the brick.   She stated that she found a place out of state that had old brick comparable to what she has now.   A sample of the brick she would like to use was previously requested.  Samples from other sites were submitted at other meetings, but none were suitable for her repairs –  they were not the right size and would have required a lot of cutting in order to be used.  There was no sample for this most recent selection.   The HPC would like Ms. Harris to see if she can obtain a sample and further information on the brick she is considering.  

The HPC tabled the CoA application for 126 North Main Street until July 16, 2015 .



NEW BUSINESS (Continued):


COA – 39-43 North Main Street  (Paint)

The Catt Group submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness application to paint the exterior storefronts of the building located at 39-43 North Main Street.   They submitted the following  Historic color choices:  Sherwin Williams Bunglehouse Blue, Belvedere Cream and Library Pewter for the 3 main storefront colors.   Indian White and Eastlake Gold were selected for the trim colors.

A motion was made by Mary Ann, seconded by Chris to approve the CoA for painting to be done at 39-43 North Main Street.

Motion passed unanimoulsy


NEXT MEETING:      Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 7:00pm



A motion was made by Richard, seconded by Mary Ann to adjourn the meeting at 7:29 pm.  

Motion passed unanimously



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